Presenting Companies


Advanced Magnet Lab

AML is an applications development company enabling revolutionary and transformational magnet based solutions for energy, aerospace, medical, and science. Building on previous successes and enabling IP, the company is today focused on enabling the unmet challenges for practical electric aircraft propulsion and disruption of the existing electric vehicle market. AML is the world’s leader in magnet development, magnets are the heart of electrical machines, and electric machines enable electric transportation (E-mobility). Fully engaged with market leaders, AML is applying unique experience, proprietary design software and the world’s most advanced magnet technology to disrupt multiple, multi-billion dollar markets.


Palm Bay, Florida, USA | E-Mobility, Permanent Magnet Manufacturing | Private



Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (Nasdaq: AVXL) is a publicly traded biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of differentiated therapeutics for the treatment of neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, other central nervous system (CNS) diseases, pain and various types of cancer. Anavex’s lead drug candidate, ANAVEXTM 2-73, recently completed successfully a Phase 2a clinical trial for Alzheimer’s disease. ANAVEXTM 2-73 is an orally available drug candidate that restores cellular homeostasis by targeting sigma-1 and muscarinic receptors. Preclinical studies demonstrated its potential to halt and/or reverse the course of Alzheimer’s disease. It has also exhibited anticonvulsant, anti-amnesic, neuroprotective and anti-depressant properties in animal models, indicating its potential to treat additional CNS disorders, including epilepsy. The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research has awarded Anavex a research grant to develop ANAVEXTM 2-73 for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease to fully fund a preclinical study, which could justify moving ANAVEXTM 2-73 into a Parkinson’s disease clinical trial. ANAVEXTM 3-71, also targeting sigma-1 and M1 muscarinic receptors, is a promising preclinical drug candidate demonstrating disease modifications against the major Alzheimer’s hallmarks in transgenic (3xTg-AD) mice, including cognitive deficits, amyloid and tau pathologies, and also with beneficial effects on neuroinflammation and mitochondrial dysfunctions.

New York, New York, USA | Biotechnology | Private



BioFuse Medical Technologies’, Inc. (BFMT) BioFusionTM Bipolar RF generator, has been cleared for marketing in both the U.S. and EU. The BioFuse proprietary energy algorithm is now protected by U.S., EU, and JP patents. BioFusionTM joins tissue by means of a three-phase minimum resistance RF energy formula. Sutures and staples can create wound healing, after 6 months, that reaches 80% of the tensile strength of normal healthy tissue. In a study completed in January of 2017, BioFusionTM created wound healing that was stronger than native healthy tissue. This was noted after only 21 days.1 This 510K cleared & CE marked platform technology targets surgical procedures that utilize sutures or staples, a market represented by nearly all surgical procedures worldwide. The BioFusionTM RF algorithm has been successfully implemented in over 1000 test cases.

BioFusionTM represents a natural, timely, solution. Additional exciting opportunities exist in the worldwide bipolar RF market, a market void of BioFusionTM technology. This global advanced energy market is projected to reach 1.57 billion dollars by 2019. The worldwide wound closure market (staples, sutures, adhesives) is projected to reach 16.6 billion dollars by 2020.

Melbourne, Florida, USA | Medical Technology | Private


Blacbird Technologies

In close cooperation with the Fraunhofer IISB in Erlangen, Blacbird Technologies developed a novel way of monitoring electrical networks. Beyond measuring simple state variables (currents or voltages), like most of our competitors, we analyze the dynamic behavior (complex impedance) of the connected circuit. This enables us to detect changes due to aging effects, status, defects or modifications and create a unique fingerprint of the system in real-time. State-of-the-art measurement techniques, that identify the complex grid impedance inject a mono-frequent test signal and measure the response amplitude and phase. This technique is very accurate, but expensive, takes very long and must be adapted to every specific use case. We developed a way of determining this property, that is very cost-efficient, faster and can be added to nearly every electrical system in a modular way.

Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany | Grid Monitoring | Private



CareCoach is the first digital home care solution designed for the needs of both patients and caregivers struggling with chronic health or elder care issues.

Waltham, Massachusetts, USA | Digital Health | Private


Claned Group

Claned is a collaborative online learning platform that understands how we all learn.

Claned personalizes learning to each individual improving their study motivation and learning results. This is possible by combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and Finnish pedagogy revealing what factors impact individual learning.

Differing from the traditional operators today Claned offers a disruptive and novel online tool that increases the effectiveness of education with more personalised learning, adaptive curriculums, more solid lifelong learning experience, and an improved use of resources.

With real-time analytics both educator and student receive insights into factors impacting the learning of each individual. Claned is a cloud-based, content agnostic platform and as such different kinds of entities can benefit from it, from educators to organisations of any size in any location.

Claned Group was founded in 2013 in Finland and launched its solution commercially in 2016. It is executing its disruptive strategy into a global education market by diverting away from the traditional Learning Management Systems. This is done by focusing on the learner and learning needs, instead of the administration. Our product is ready, we have users in 15 different countries, a rapidly growing user base and an excellent user feed-back.

Helsinki, Finland | European Innovation Showcase | Ed Tech | Private



A Star-Trek like medical device that uses cold plasma to kill multiresistant bacteria and treat even chronic wounds. 


PROBLEM | We offer the solution to two main problems of modern medicine: chronic ulceratrions (like bedsores and diabetic feet) and the long sought after solution to treating multiresistant bacteria in wounds.

TECHNOLOGY | COLDPLASMATECH developed a new wound dressing that creates cold plasma directly on the damaged skin. For the past two decades, scientists from the German Leibniz Association have been conducting research on a plasma state that, unlike the sun, is not scorching-hot, but cool. Cold plasma is bioactive and shows significant results on treated patients – but the scientific devices (in a clinical context) weren’t applicable. 

PRODUCT | With its newly developed device COLDPLASMATECH finally offers a product that’s safe, pain-free, fast, can cover a large area and is mass-market compatible. The active wound-dressing ‘plasma patch’ (patent pending, PCT worldwide) is easy to use, delegable to medical professionals, mobile and designed based on customer and clinical needs. The device is connected to the Plasma Cube, a power-generator that automatically generates the optimal plasma-output for decontamination and stimulation on cellular level. 

After approval in 2018, we will launch the world’s first two-dimensional application and will enter markets with its disruptive disposable device. Scale up of production was already successful.

Greifswald, Germany | Medical Device | Private



ContinYou is a global music mentorship platform founded by Claude McKnight (Take6) and German edtech expert Dr. Michaela Meier that provides a totally new and innovative way of high quality mentoring in music business in digital and in person formats – bootcamps and video courses – for all generations through worldwide known experts. ContinYou provides mentorship that is sustainable and scalable and enables everyone to realize their passion and be successful in the music business.

Los Angeles, California, USA | EdTech | Private


CoolR Group

CoolR Group has built a 24-hour, internet-connected data collection solution for the 45 million retail coolers around the world. CoolR offers low-cost, easy-to-install sensors, along with cloud-based platforms designed to empower decision-makers with data analytics into the consumer decision at point-of-purchase. Such insights have led companies to new strategies to boost sales.

Chantilly, Virginia, USA | Internet of Things | Private


Cyber Timez

CyberTimez is an award winning business focused on making a difference in real people’s lives through technology. At Cyber Timez we are firm believers in and driven by our motto “Always in the service of others.” We focus on automating the Internet of Things using wearable devices like smart glasses and watches. Our driving force is to develop products that make a real difference in real peoples’ lives. Most of our products start their life in the Accessibility space solving problems for those with the most challenges in everyday life and quickly find other commercial market verticals. We take great pride in the products, services and the tools we design, develop and market. Providing solutions to real world problems using advanced technology solutions motivates our team to achieve goals that at first can seem daunting, but quickly become feasible and achievable. Our combination of highly skilled industry experts gives Cyber Timez the unique ability to tackle challenges that are typically beyond the reach of most organizations on target, on budget and on time.

Winchester, Virginia, USA | Digital Health | Private



“Pictures say more than 1000 words”, Images and words combined are unbeatable when it comes to knowledge transfer.

Therefore, we have developed a digital tool based on a SaaS-solution. It support everyone who wants to visualize the ideas and thoughts with or for a team remotely and real time. Through post-its and whiteboards it is possible to create and archive content. Being an absolute novelty, the most unique feature is the one-click film function to present content.

Using our scriptboard one creates a film scene by scene. The tool synchronize automatically sound and vision. empoind can be used as a plug-in for current tools as well as stand-alone. It is suited for various working scenarios to simply display complex issues e.g. knowledge management and innovate processes. The market entry and sales take place through affiliate partnerships, as well as through viral e-commerce and professional email marketing.

We generate a viral effect and build up our brand awareness. Additionally, several corporations with schools, universities and community colleges will be established. We have already carried out several workshops with enterprise customers and coaches.

Our vision gears towards bringing a simple tool to the market and reaching the popularity of doodle or skype.

Puchheim, Bavaria, Germany | Software | Private



Invivox is a worldwide medical platform that connects doctors and experts, offering access to bespoke, on-site practical training. Continuous training for physicians is a major challenge and Invivox provides a solution to find the right expert and to meet him inside his OR for a very practical in-person training.

Pessac, France | European Innovation Showcase | Digital Health | Private



Kineomen Group is an active, diversified investor in early and growth stage companies across multiple industries. 

What makes us different:
• We look to work with Veterans whenever possible.
• We focus our strategies around execution, maintaining a bias for action and always planning with the end goal in focus.
• Our leadership pipeline is integrated with military and academic communities, resulting in a portfolio of great companies with outstanding leadership.
• We are an investment vehicle that enables liquidity for our investors through going public transactions from our portfolio of great growth companies.

Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA | Finance | Private


Laxxon Medical

Laxxon Medical AG owns the exclusive worldwide licensing rights for the commercial use of a patented 3D screen-printing process, developing and manufacturing  innovative drug delivery systems (DDS) for the controlled systemic release of actives pharmaceutical ingredients (API). This 3D technology enables a cost effective, high speed and precise mass production of e.g. peroral tablets, sublingual tablets, discs or mucoadhesive films with defined drug release profiles optimizing blood levels. Through this technology we are able to manufacture tailor made medicines for specific indications and specific needs, fast onset of action or retarded release. First samples are in production.   

Within the upcoming 10 years more the 150 drugs will come off patent protection, jeopardizing sales volume of USD 190 bn. After loss of patent protection, about 70% of the sales of the originator will be consumed by the generic industry. And also the generic pharmaceutical industry is suffering on continuous price erosion for their products. Thus, product innovation and differentiation is a need for all stakeholders in this branch.

Our aim is to offer selected companies in the pharmaceutical industry patent protection (at least until 2034) through technology transfer with the appropriate licenses in their market segment for the manufacturing of their products, using this 3D screen-printing process.

Durham, North Carolina, USA | Medical Technology | Private



LipoCoat B.V. is a medical device coating company and is a proud spin-off of the world-leading nanotech institute MESA+ located in The Netherlands. LipoCoat’s aim is to improve performance, comfort & safety of medical devices enabled through our novel coatings. We strive to become the bench-standard for anti-fouling, anti-thrombogenic, lubricious and multifunctional coatings. One of our key drivers is lowering the risk for health care associated infections and improving patient comfort. LipoCoat operates on a B2B level in joint development and as a solution provider for legal manufacturers of medical devices. In September 2016, LipoCoat BV was founded to commercialize the coating technology. LipoCoatTM coatings are bio-inspired and mimic structures found in nature and are just 5 nanometers thick. LipoCoatTM coatings can be applied on a wide range of (bio)materials, such as biopolymers, by means of dip-coating, following a surface activation step. The coatings are formed by self-assembly and bonded through non-covalent forces. In addition, variants of the coating display regeneration when damaged. The first coating products for the ophthalmic market are prepared for launch in 2018, aimed at improving comfort & safety. We see opportunities in the catheter and, in the near future, the implant market.

Enschede, The Netherlands | European Innovation Showcase | Medical Device Coatings | Private


Manhattan BioSolutions

M-BIO is a biotech start-up focused on the discovery and development of the next-generation immunotherapy for the treatment or potential prevention of cancer. Our proprietary technology platforms are aimed to enhance or augment the natural ability of the immune system to recognize cancer as foreign and defend the body against malignancies.

New York, New York, USA | Biotechnology | Private



Mecuris moves orthopaedic care into the digital world by bringing together 3D technologies into one intuitive solution platform.

Orthopaedic clinics order 3D-printed, CE-compliant prostheses as their own brand. Patients are actively involved in the design process of their own specific prostheses.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany | Medical Technology | Private



NavVis is focused on bringing the indoors in to the digital age, through next- generation indoor navigation, revolutionary mobile indoor reality capture, and powerful web-based collaboration tools for indoor environments.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany | Indoor Digitization | Private


Neurotrope BioScience

Neurotrope BioScience, (NASDAQ:NTRP), formed in 2012, is at the forefront of the biotech industry and is focused on developing new therapies with Bryostatin 1 for the treatment of neurodegenerative  and developmental disorders. Our experience, capabilities, and passion for innovative and novel drug therapies have enabled us to build a development pipeline that includes various treatment approaches with Bryostatin 1 for serious and difficult-to-treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s dementia, and the orphan diseases, Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) and Niemann-Pick Type C (NPC).

Bryostatin was tested in a 148 moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease patient population across 26 sites in the U.S. First patients dosed January 2016 . Primary efficacy endpoint based on Severe Impairment Battery Scale (SIB). Entry criteria was based on the MMSE score. Please see the full data set by reviewing our press release dated July 19, 2017.

Bryostatin-1 activates Synaptic Growth Factors – BDNF, NGF, IGF, others. It also activates all amyloid-β Degrading Enzymes (ECE, Neprilysin, IDE). Bryostatin also activates α-secretase, which reduces formation of neurotoxic amyloid-β formed by γ-secretase and BACE. ApoE3 induces PKCϵ; by activating PKCϵ, so there is an increase in BDNF expression. Bryostatin blocks ApoE4’s reduction of BDNF via HDAC inhibition. Bryostatin normalizes GSK3-β, thereby inhibiting pathological Tau protein transformation into neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs).

New York, New York, USA | Biotechnology | Public



Nift offers a simple pick, pack, and ship service, at the best negotiated prices for brands. We automatically manage and fulfill orders from brands online store and B2B sales. We are a “Logistic As A Service” company. Additionally, we add a distribution layer for brands with our network of worldwide retailers ready to buy from new brands. 

Paris, France | European Innovation Showcase | Logistics | Private



Noviocell BV is a highly innovative biotechnology company, headquartered in Oss, the Netherlands. It is convinced that it has the only ever synthetic solution for 3D cell culturing, opening up the avenues for stem cells and precision medicine.

Curing diseases with own grown organs is not far away anymore. Mini-organs also called organoids are considered to be the solution to accelerate the development of new therapies. However, the culturing of organoids for medical purposes faces a huge issue. The organoids are grown on ancient technology that is extracted from mice tumor cells. This does not only lead to batch-to-batch variability with inconsistent test results, but also in the risk of pathogen transmission. Using mice tumor base also means that therapeutic applications are impossible. The only way forward is to use a non-animal derived, synthetic matrix. The researchers are therefore desperately looking for a synthetic replacement. Noviocell has the only synthetic material that can compete with animal based material, because it behaves the same. Noviogel is synthetic, leads to reproducible results and, it can be used for regenerative medical purposes. The gel is thermo reversible and as a consequence it is much easier to work with than with other materials.

Oss, The Netherlands | European Innovation Showcase | Biotechnology | Private


ONEighty C Technologies

WAVEPulse Sterilization Technology fragments proteins, providing a high level of sterilization of organisms that frequently cause hospital-acquired infections and at conditions that are compatible with temperature-sensitive medical instruments such as endoscopes.

A key FDA spotlight and Company focus is patient deaths from CRE-infected duodenoscopes and C.diff infections. Current, decades-old reprocessing methods generally only reach high level disinfection.

In addition, SterileTest Validation is designed to validate the protein destruction of virtually every medically-critical bacterial and fungal pathogen that can remain on medical instruments , irrespective of the reprocessing method deployed.

Burlington, Massachusetts, USA | Medical Technology | Private



ONTOFORCE pioneering semantic data integration and data analytics platform, DISQOVER, allows everyone to link and mine data faster, smarter and simpler. Everyone gets information at their fingertips. 

Ghent, Belgium | European Innovation Showcase | Big Date & AI | Private



Ormosys has been developed by the parent company Schuh Langmeier e.k. with the experience from orthopedic shoe technology, orthopedic technology, biomechanical analyzing and podo etiology (proprioceptive insole with 3D back scanning) as well as with support from the German Ministry of Economy and Technology.

Ormosys is a dynamic holistic body analyzing software, the results in form of a PDF report are usable for doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists for holistic diagnostic, treatment-therapy plan and description for supplies. We also manufacture dynamic holistic customized orthotics and flipflops or sandals for adults and kids with a variation of 39,700 possibilities. The next product lines are sensomotoric orthotics, diabetic foot bed etc.

Ormosys is a scalable system in form of franchise or license and as analyzing standalone system. The target group are Doctors, Podiatrics, Pediatrics, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Clinics, Sports Clubs, Universities, Technical Schools and the Patients. In 2016, we received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant Agreement number 738614.

Raubling, Bavaria, Germany | Medical Technology | Private



OrthoMedex LLC is a US-based start-up orthopedic implant company seeking to leverage the osteostimulative and antimicrobial attributes of bioactive glass to address the unmet implant fixation and infection control needs of the orthopedic surgeon. The company’s technology and IP seeks to reduce patient morbidity, mortality and the cost of healthcare associated with orthopedic revision surgery, due to aseptic implant loosening, osteoporosis, and/or periprosthetic implant infection.

CMS no longer reimburses hospitals for implant revisions associated with hip and knee joint reconstruction, and fracture fixation, occurring within 90 days of hospital discharge. The 2016 American Joint Replacement Registry found that nearly 7% of all total hip and 3% of all total knee arthroplasties were ‘revised’ within this time period.

Earlier this year, OrthoMedex LLC was awarded a $1.4MM ‘Internationalization’ grant from Medical Valley EMN E.V.; funded by Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research [BMBF]. The company recently opened an OrthoMedex GmbH office to support its project collaboration and business interests in Germany, and the EU.

International collaboration partners include:

• Fraunhofer Institute-ICS, Translational Center for Regenerative Therapies
• Freidrich-Alexander University, Institute of Material Science
• University of Connecticut Health Center, Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery
• Orchid Design, Div. of Orchid Orthopedic Solutions, LLC
• Mott Corporation

Bethany, Connecticut, USA | Medical Technology | Private



PainQx (PQx) is a med-tech diagnostic / software company that has developed a method to objectively measure pain in humans. The PainQx platform assesses patient neural activity and then processes and decodes the data through proprietary analysis and algorithms. 

The PQx platform is currently generating revenue as a clinical assessment tool and pain biomarker by companies using pain as a primary or secondary endpoint to measure their drug’s and/or device’s efficacy.

New York, New York, USA | Medical Technology | Private


Portabiles HealthCare Technologies

In Portabiles HealthCare Technologies GmbH (PHCT), a team of entrepreneurs and scientists develop a novel wearable sensor system for the analysis of gait – “Mobile GaitLab”. The worsening of human gait is a core symptom in many chronic diseases, therefore it is an important therapeutic target in medication or physiotherapy. Measuring gait in patients’ activities of daily living delivers valuable information about the progress of a disease, the effectiveness of a therapy (or a new drug), and the patient’s individual risk of falling. Our goal is to provide therapists with clinical validated gait data so they are able to make therapy decisions on a day-to-day basis by monitoring their patients’ physical condition, supported by a digitalized treatment pathway. Mobile GaitLab sensors are integrated into the patient’s shoes, the sensor data are transferred into a secure telehealth platform where Gait parameters and disease specific gait characteristics are calculated using sophisticated algorithms. Our customers will be Healthcare Insurances (for tele-healthcare) and Pharmaceutical Companies (for prove of new drugs efficacy).

Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany | Medical Technology | Private



We are a specialist in analyzing and diagnosing respiratory gases and developing fragrance applications for medical and consumer markets. This offer completely new analysis, therapy and training approaches. State of the art sensors and technologies especially developed for this application offer new and efficient approaches of diagnostics, training, therapy and coaching objectives. pro4senses show you the way and gives you the capacity to implement either lucrative USPs (Unique Selling Point) or diagnostic / therapeutic approaches for a more professional care of your clients / patients.

Fuerth, Bavaria, Germany | Digital Health | Private



Qolware transforms consumer smartwatches and smartphones into an intelligent emergency alarm and health monitoring assistant -LOLA. LOLA supports seniors and chronic patients in the daily management of their health and facilitates handling of emergency situations. Based on advanced processing of physiological signals such as pulse and movement and contextual information, LOLA detects critical situations (falls, epileptic seizures), uncovers health improving or decline and features localization and reminder functionalities.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany | Digital Health | Private



Razzberry has created the first commercially viable microsensors – mini screen-printed chemical sensors the size and form factor of a postage stamp — expected to be the biosensors of the future. Razzberry’s microsensors can detect ongoing chemical changes in near dry conditions, such as in a fraction of a drop of sweat on skin, down to parts per trillion, and can be mass produced for pennies. Razzberry is the first and only known company to have overcome the biggest barrier to commercialization of microsensors — microelectrode stability — opening the door to a plethora of disruptive applications in biochemical sensing, environmental analysis, and more — to change the way we interact with ourselves and our world.

Hamden, Connecticut, USA | Microsensors | Private



Spark Labs is the first enterprise-grade solution for remote workers and business travelers.

Spark has developed a unique solution for companies to address their millennial employees’ need for mobility, flexibility and connectedness.

New York, New York, USA | Software | Private


Swift Alarm

SwiftAlarm! is the first personal emergency response system for your smartphone. SwiftAlarm! is pure security in your hands for women against violence, children and active seniors.

Altenstadt, Bavaria, Germany | Personal Security | Private



Tickaroo offers a comprehensive solution for professional news and sports reporters with its state-of-the-art live content technology. Whether liveblog, livestream, or push notifications, Tickaroo’s live content tools are easily integrated into websites, Content Management Systems, native apps, and social media channels, thereby effectively reaching targeted audiences. The company’s digital media service repertoire includes the development of the “kicker” sports app and the expansion of Red Bull’s Neymar Jrs’ Five’s online platform. Other clients include the German Tennis Federation, RP Online, Lagardére Sports, and

Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany | Content Technology | Private



Powerful. Simple. Affordable. Todyl is the first cybersecurity service designed specifically for small businesses. Todyl uniquely delivers the full spectrum of security small businesses need but were previously unable to afford: prevention, detection, response, and recovery.

Typically, a strong cybersecurity program (known as defense-in-depth) has been reserved for large companies and enterprises who can afford expensive hardware and industry experts. Todyl has moved the capabilities of expensive security hardware into the cloud, giving small businesses access to the protection they need, at a cost they can afford.

Todyl is easy enough for anyone to install and operate. We designed the platform specifically for businesses without IT expertise, Todyl can be set-up in under 5 minutes with a few clicks. After that, our cybersecurity experts handle the configuration, monitoring, and updates so small business owners can focus on what’s important – running their business.

New York, New York, USA | Cybersecurity | Private


Tubulis Technologies

Tubulis Technologies develops unique technologies for the functionalization of proteins with applications in therapy, diagnostics and for the development of research reagents. In particular, our technologies have great potential for the generation of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), one of the most promising drug classes in the fight against cancer. ADCs are designed to deliver the chemotherapeutic payload specifically to cancer cells, thereby reducing severe side effects typically caused by classical chemotherapy. For this purpose the toxin is attached to the antibody, which specifically recognizes cancer cells. However, current ADC developments fall short of expectations. The modification of the antibody with a toxin causes loss of activity and functionality; severe side-effects are the consequence. One of the major bottlenecks in ADC development is the art of payload conjugation that previously led to heterogeneous mixtures and unstable conjugates. With our Tub-tag® and P5 Technology, we address key challenges in ADC preparation.

Martinsried, Bavaria, Germany | Biopharma | Private



Xtribe is a free smartphone application which allows the user to sell, buy, swap and rent goods or services by using a geolocation tool which locates all potential customers within any specified geographic target. Transactions can be completed without any intermediaries, directly between the parties, without any commissions. The Company derives revenues by its B2B services, named “Xtribe Store”. Xtribe’s available for Apple and Android devices.

The App has several features:
– the user can create ads for any product or service which is seen by other users on a geolocalized basis. By launching the application, users see a map of the local area and the location of other users in that area who are selling goods or services;
– by using the application, a user can connect with other users in a social networking context in order to facilitate communications and personal interactions related to commerce;
– transactions are completed in a direct and simplified manner without middlemen. The entire transaction can be completed utilizing a smartphone. Buyers can make offers and/or barter with the seller;
– sellers can customize their offerings using identity programs to market goods and services;
– the application is available in multiple languages, including Italian and English.

New York, New York, USA | E-Commerce | Private

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